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( For Android phone, tablet, TV )

Towsemi is a professional app for eye care, which specializes in protecting people's eyes when they use smart phones.

What can Towsemi app do for you?

  • ❖ Keep Your Eyes Healthy
    Blocking off menace of blue light and bright light.
  • ❖ Prolong Battery Life
    Reducing power consumption of monitor for your smart phone.
  • ❖ Protect Your Phone
    Preventing O-LED screen burn-in risk.


  • Night filter with super dark mode that can break through the limits of hardware.
  • ✰ Smart three-stage blue light filter.
  • ✰ Built-in Screen Shot : Taking screenshots without filtering effect.
  • Custom Brightness : Store your preferred brightness, one tap to restore it.
  • Keeping 99% of the same color and clarity with your original screen.
  • Gesture: Slide Right/Left to control brightness. Easy and free.
  • ✰ Auto-run on boot/restart.
  • ✰ Supports TV remote control.
  • ✰ Voice Control(Experimental): when you turn on your phone in a dark night, a bright light comes into your eyes from screen, so bright, you can't keep your eyes open. At this moment, call Towsemi for three times loudly, then the bright light will be disappeared .
  • ✰ Totally FREE, easy to use, touch control as sensitive as before, filter overlays including navigation bar, notification panel...


Use Towsemi app to replace your phone's built-in brightness control. One small change, three giant benefits: 1) Keep eyes healthy 2) Protect your phone 3) Prolong battery life.
  • ✿ Notification Panel:Anytime to adjust brightness or take a screenshot.
  • ✿ Adjust Brightness:Slide Right/Left to control brightness. (Gesture)
  • ✿ Customize Brightness:Three buttons for custom brightness. Long Press to store brightness. Single Tap to restore brightness.
  • ✿ Screen Shot:Press screenshot icon on Towsemi's Notification.
  • ✿ Exit App:Fling UP. (Gesture)

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