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( For Android phone, tablet, TV )

Towsemi is a professional app for eye care, which specializes in protecting your eyes when you use smartphones.

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What can Towsemi app do for you?

  • ❖ Keep Your Eyes Healthy
    Block off blue light and glare.
  • ❖ Prolong Battery Life
    Reduce power consumption of your smartphone.
  • ❖ Protect Your Phone
    Prevent OLED screen burn-in.
  • ❖ PWM Flicker Fix & Green Screen Fix


  • Night filter: super dark mode that surpasses the limits of hardware.
  • ✰ Smart three-stage blue light filter.
  • ✰ Built-in Screen Shot: taking screenshots without effect of filter.
  • Custom Brightness: store your preferred brightness and restore it with just one tap.
  • Maintain 99% of the color and clarity of your original screen.
  • Easy gesture control: Slide Right/Left to control brightness.
  • ✰ Auto-run on boot/restart.
  • ✰ Supports TV remote control.
  • PWM Flicker-Free Fix: get your phone 0 PWM flicker and also fix THE GREEN SCREEN on low brightness.
  • ✰ Voice Control (Experimental): when you turn on your phone in a dark night, a glare enters your eyes through the screen. So bright, you cannot keep your eyes open. At this moment, call Towsemi three times loudly and then the glare will fade.
  • ✰ Totally FREE and easy to use, filter overlay including navigation bar, notification panel...


Use Towsemi to replace your phone's built-in brightness control. One small change, three giant benefits: 1) Keep eyes healthy 2) Protect your phone 3) Prolong battery life.

  • ✿ Notification Panel:Adjust brightness or take a screenshot anytime.
  • ✿ Adjust Brightness:Slide Right/Left to control brightness.(gesture)
  • ✿ Customize Brightness:Three buttons to customize the brightness you want. Long Press to store brightness. Single Tap to restore brightness.
  • ✿ Screen Shot:Press screenshot icon on Towsemi's notification.
  • ✿ Exit App:Slide up.(gesture)

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❀ PWM Flicker-Free Fix